I’ve probably started 10+ blogs over my almost now 33 years of life but none of them have lasted, for numerous reasons, the most common being – I quit. I’m telling myself I’m not going quit this time because there’s money involved. I’m actively trying to over-ride my ability to talk myself down and out of things. I can talk myself out of anything. Other reasons they failed or just fizzled into non-updated existence, hidden with all the other failed blogs is because I would write about a very specific thing – baby animals, Christmas, coffee, failed interactions with people, etc. I couldn’t force myself to write something about these topics if nothing was happening, and we all know Christmas only comes around once a year, for three months. What was I supposed to do except quit posting and return back to talking about ‘one day maybe writing on a regular basis and eventually letting people reading it’?

I’m tired of hearing myself say I am going to write. I am tired of only scrawling in notebooks half-filled that I won’t let anyone read because the contents are “not important”, “not interesting”, “not funny”, “not of any use to anyone”. I don’t care anymore. At least I’m telling myself I don’t and trying very hard to believe it. The internet is full of writings that are not important or interesting or funny and of no use to anyone, so why can’t it be filled with my unimportant, uninteresting, useless, unfunny writings? It’s time for me to contribute to the wasteland of meaningless blog-posts that everyone writes but no one reads. So let’s get started.

Go to “Dough” to get some of the content filling this blog.

Rejected But-Still-Considered-Because-I-Can-Always-Change-the-Name Titles for this Blog

I’m Doing this for You, Not Me.

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