Patience: Zero

“Step on the scale. We’ll take your weight.” “Should I take my shoes off?” “No.” I stood on the black platform at the base of the scale, eye-level with two parallel metal rails lined with numbers indicating pounds: 0-50. 0-350. I remember playing on a similar scale as a child - one my father had… Continue reading Patience: Zero

Better Never Than Late

I did it all late. Dating: late, to the extent that sitting against an amp on a never-vacuumed floor listening to a guy you might like but probably don’t, and his three friends try to “make it” as a band counts as a date. First kiss: 20. Lost my virginity: 23 or was it 24?… Continue reading Better Never Than Late

Lazy Shade of Winter

If I had it my way, I wouldn't wake up until noon, every day. It's the perfect time of day when you start to feel extremely guilty for still sleeping and still being in bed, but you haven't completely wasted the day. There's still sunlight. Morning officially ends at noon and all morning-type activities should… Continue reading Lazy Shade of Winter

2018 New Year’s Resolutions (not for me)

I don't make resolutions because I don't even make my bed. Plus I'm not good at making decisions for myself, but one thing I can do is make decisions for other people. So I'm going to make a few lists of resolutions for other people for 2018. First up: Restaurant Go-ers. This year as a… Continue reading 2018 New Year’s Resolutions (not for me)

Pills, Pills, Pills (sung to the tune of Bills, Bills, Bills)

Interacting with depression has consisted of repeated instances of me telling myself I don’t have depression followed by a series of pretty strong indications that, maybe, I do. It’s a long road to acceptance, even longer if you keep taking detours along the way. The denial stage of dealing with depression has been long and… Continue reading Pills, Pills, Pills (sung to the tune of Bills, Bills, Bills)

Books – because reading is the new writing.

My Writing Challenge took a bit of a detour and I got lost in the rows and rows of shelves and shelves of books and books at the public library. I got overwhelmed, per usual. I got discouraged, per usual. I want to write, but why? There's nothing new under the sun. There's so much… Continue reading Books – because reading is the new writing.

Writing Challenge: Update – The Library

It's pretty clear I didn't live up to the challenge. This place has been a ghost town for over a month now. I could pretend I've been writing in my planner/journal, but honestly, the only things I've written in there are times for appointments I didn't end up going to and the word OFF on… Continue reading Writing Challenge: Update – The Library